There are several ways to become certified and help enable the BSA shooting sports program. Different types of events require different personnel to be present with the appropriate certifications. Some certifications are from BSA while some are from partnering organizations such as USA Archery, National Field Archery Association and the National Rifle Association.

Where should you start? The answer starts with what are you interested in teaching. Archery? Firearms? Air guns? Sling shots? The program is very diverse and covers anything that is thrown or launched into the air or shot. Many people begin with becoming a BSA Rangemaster and/or a NRA Range Safety Officer. For archery minded people the next step is becoming a Level 1 Instructor certified by USA Archery. For firearms the next step is to become a NRA certified instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloading.

To help you determine what training you might need we recommend that you review this information regarding event planning.

The Occoneechee Council Shooting Sports Committee has members that are certified to teach the above courses and offer them through out the year. Check our calendar to find the dates that work for you. You can of course take USA Archery and NRA courses through other qualified providers. If you chose to do that, we encourage you to research the prices before registering for those courses.

Are you in need of a specific training course? Make a request for a course.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.